I work with development and leadership teams, helping them with technical practices, collaboration and process. I can work with you to help you and your team better understand the nature of the work they undertake, so they can decide how best to tackle it.

I specialise in helping teams learn to observe and take responsibility for fostering safety in their environment, something I consider to be foundational to any effective and sustainable collaboration.

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Coaching Principles

I believe in the innate value and potential of all human beings.

All people have value and power. I truly believe in the inherent goodness of humanity. People want to do their best work, people need no extrinsically motivating carrots and are disengaged and damaged by sticks (even the metaphorical ones). In my practice I look to facilitate teams and help the team and the organisation build an environment for success.

In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.
Anne Frank

I believe that agility is a mindset that orients me towards human excellence.

All organisations are human systems, when the humans you employ are delivering excellence, your organisational outcomes are also being fulfilled. In my practice I look to help you re-orient your organisations around your amazing people, and help you build an environment that can help everyone succeed.

We need a system where everybody wins.
Dr. W. Edwards Deming

I believe that self transformation is the path to transforming others, organizations and the world.

My continued self development and transformation is essential, I strive to find alternate perspectives and to challenge my views on the world. We cannot directly transform another human being, we can only model the changes we want to see in ourselves.

The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.
Michel Legrand

I believe that fostering psychological safety is core to effective teams.

Having researched psychological safety extensively, I have seen the effects that low levels of safety have on teams. My coaching practice focuses around fostering safety in the teams and organisations I work with. It is only when the teams are safe that they can truly demonstrate their inherent human excellence.

Without safety, there is no excellence.
Joshua Kerievsky

I believe in avoiding judgement of others who I may feel are operating from a different perspective.

Everyone has their own challenges in life, these challenges shape our views of the world and the way we interact with others. I believe I will form deeper more meaningful connections with others by approaching differences with curiosity and not judgement.

We are all different. Don’t judge, understand instead.
Roy T. Bennett

I embrace my own authenticity and encourage other to share theirs.

When people expend energy hiding their truth from others, for fear of humiliation, punishment or rejection, they can no longer share their excellence. I work with individuals, teams and organisations to create the safe environment necessary for true authenticity, openness and effective collaboration.

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.
May Sarton

I acknowledge any failure to follow these principles respecting the impact on others.

I will fail to follow these principles. But, when that happens I will acknowledge it, be aware of the impact my failure will have on others and learn from my mistakes.